Katharina Bleinis

Meeting Katharina for the first time is like running into an old friend you’ve known for years – conversations are effortless, she’s there when you need to talk, and she gives some pretty kick-ass advice along with some corny jokes to lighten up the mood. Within minutes, her quirky and playful personality energizes the room, creating a space of comfort when leading a class. Through intention, pranayama, meditation, and asana, her goal is for her students to leave each class inspired to learn more about themselves and the strengths of their bodies.

Growing up as an acrobat and dancer in Vancouver, B.C., Katharina soon turned to yoga and meditation to gain a deeper sense of inner strength of the body and mind. Having studied under the traditional Sivananda lineage, Katharina leads a strong alignment-based Hatha practice to encourage her students to develop more body awareness and structural alignment. While her Vinyasa practice will have you feeling sweaty, soulful, and physically empowered by the end of it. Don’t be surprised if she has you coming up into an arm balances out of nowhere!

Katharina’s curiosity and passions have taken her all over the world from Asia to South America where she continues to grow as a student. When she’s not teaching you can find Kat surfing around Bali or the Philippines.

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