3 Steps To Align Your Vision

It’s true when they say that the more you learn about yourself the more in-touch you become with your feelings. But what’s often left out in the mention is that with self-realization comes the struggle of conscious inner conflict — you know, the type of conflicts that arises when we’re faced with making decisions with what we think we“ought” to do, and what’s truly best for the Self-based on our aligning values.

I’ve found that the more I discover about the Self, not only am I more aware of my emotions and feelings but deeply connected to all the shifts going on inside of me. All these ranges of inner feelings that act as a radar, cutting through all the B.S to tell you something’s off and out of whack in your alignment. Let’s face it, we’ve all felt those gutted feelings loaded with butterflies after we’ve made a decision we knew wasn’t right. It’s those uneasy feelings that surface up right away, feelings of overwhelm, frustration, emotionally cloudiness, and anxiousness. What do they get to do, you ask? It’s your intuitive gut. It’s there to say that, ‘girl/boy, you outta damn alignment!’. Time for you to get back to the vision board to recheck in with your vision, goals, and values to see what action has veered you out of alignment from your values and vision. I want to share with you your 3 steps to align your vision + values to bring you back into alignment if you’re feeling out of funk these days. The only requirement is that you take your time and try your best to answer the following questions.


3 Steps To Align Your Vision + Your Values For Long-Term Success


This is your greater picture of life. Your life’s purpose. Who do YOU want to be? How do you want to be living your life? Your vision is meant to move you and inspire you in this world. Dig deep and dream big. Here are a few questions to reflect on to help you craft the path towards your life vision.

Look over these next set of questions, and then sit with yourself with close your eyes for 10–30 minutes to reflect and visualize. After that grab a journal and try to answers these next set of questions with honesty from the heart.

✽ Who do you want to be?
✽ Where do you want to live?
✽ What’s your experiences would you have?
✽ What’s your purpose — your WHY?

Ask yourself:

✽ What matters most to you?
✽ How would you spend your time if you had no restraints?
✽ What makes you truly content? What doesn’t?


  • My personal time and space
  • Manageable and flexible working hours
  • Freedom and time for creativity
  • Time for personal growth and development
  • Residing beside nature and ocean
  • Daily personal yoga practice
  • Etc…


For long-term success, it’s important that your goals align with your values and greater vision. The problem comes when we get too ahead of ourselves with distractions and desires that don’t align with our values. For example: If I value working freelance for the flexible hours to benefit my personal development and yoga career, choosing to work a corporate 9–5 job to make more money will not bring my joy, rather the opposite — frustrated, overwhelmed, confused.

Goals need to work hand in hand and align with our values and greater vision.

Ask yourself:
(Think of SMART when you write down your goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based)

✽ What are your goals and intentions for the next year? (Be specific)
✽ What do you want to accomplish? (Personal, career, relationship)


Align your actions to your goal. What are the current actions that you’re taking to get you to the greater vision? If you want to go to travel the world then you might need to save more money or have some other source of income while you travel. In order to ground the energy, do what you would be doing in the case when you’d be certain that it’s already yours. Take the actions that align you to your goals, dreams, purpose.

The hard part then comes when you realize that your current actions don’t align with your values and goals at all — causing a blockage in your path towards your vision. This is when denial and event heartache kicks in when you know you need to give something up for the future greater benefit. Again, it all comes back down to honesty. Listen to your gut, and take it back to the big picture — your vision.

Now, for every goal, what are the actions that you will take to reach that goal? Be as specific as you can. I like to list 3 actions for each goal at a minimum.

For example: My goal is to host x3 yoga retreats year in 2020


  • Build a strong sense of community among my students in classes
  • Host initial opening retreat in year 2019
  • Offer more workshops outside of Hong Kong to increase student reach

There you have it, folks. 3 steps to lead you into a direction of greater clarity towards your vision. Now, this isn’t an exercise to just simply rush through — It took me nearly a week. First, you have to get past the bullshit and desires and recognize the real. What REALLY are you after in life? That’s the hard part. Take your time. As they say, all good things come time. Let this be an exercise in practice.

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