June 24th - Master Your Mobility Workshop Intensive


Master Your Mobility Workshop Intensive: Shoulder Opening + Arm Balances | Yoga Room, Hong Kong

June 23rd | 2019

In this 3-hour workshop, we begin with an emphasis on stability and then work towards the type of mobility that allows us to move with strength, ease, and grace through progressive sequences on the mat.

What’s Mobility?

Mobility is the exploration of an active functional range within the body, specifically in the major joints and muscular system. The more we cultivate strength and awareness through an active range of motion and controlled articular rotation within the joints and learn to create positive tension in our muscles, the more alive we feel. From this, our yoga practice will improve significantly! Through the cultivation of mobility, we will be able to move with more integrity and awareness.

Join Kat for the Master Your Mobility workshop where she will guide you through intelligently sequenced movement that creates more mobility, strength, flexibility to prepare you for exploring shoulder-opening arm balances.  

  • Beginner-Intermediate level approach to arm balance variations included: Elbow Stand (Pincha Mayurasana) and funky variations!

Requirements/Additional Notes:

  • All levels welcome with at least 2 years of yoga asana experience
  • Inversions included
  • Not suitable for students with sensitive wrist or prior wrist injuries

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