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Silent Yoga Retreat, Hong Kong | March 27-29

Journey To Being, Vietnam | April 30th – May 4th

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Bhakti is the yogic path of devotion. A practice of chanting from our spiritual heart to helps us reconnect with the silence and the inner presence of peace, bringing us back to the source; the infinite state of our true Self.



“Kula कुल ” in Sanskrit means a community of like-minded yogis that come together freely, with intention and a shared sense of purpose. Events below are set with the intention to cultivate and grow the kula.


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Let’s retreat to something that is already right here with us: breath, space, stillness. Sometimes we just need to escape out of the city to reconnect with it.
This 3-day silent immersion is tucked away in the heart of Hong Kong’s New Territories, on the northern slopes of Tai Mo Shan mountain, is a little known sacred space overflowing with nature and silence. This retreat will include daily tantric hatha yoga practices such as meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra, and restorative hatha yoga to help you slow down, connect to the depths of your inner world and touch that part of yourself that is always at rest, always free.
This workshop integrates both strength and intelligence. We first begin by covering the underlying mechanisms of headstand to bring awareness to the fundamental areas in the body to guide you into a safe and effective inversion practice. A short Vinyasa Flow will then take place to condition, and recruit the stabilizing muscles in the body right before inversion practice begins! Self-practice time will be allocated towards the end of the workshop for students to work on their challenges and to ask any questions to deepen their knowledge.
This workshop is multi-level, welcoming both beginners and intermediate practitioners. Modifications will be offered depending on the students’ comfort and ability, along with advanced options given upon teacher permission.
Join me in a multi-day, immersive yoga experience held on the sacred, and holy peak of Yen Tu mountain in Northern Vietnam. A place that inspires awe by reminding us of our connection to the sacred, natural world around us.
The intention of this retreat is to become in touch with our inner stillness - to embrace the spaces of stillness within us all. This retreat will include daily tantric hatha yoga practices such as asana, meditation, pranayama, restorative hatha yoga, and kirtan to connect deeper into our already existent essence being. Together we will embark on a sacred trek to visit the historical site and landscapes of Mount Yen Tu.