Have you ever questioned everything you’ve ever thought, believed and known? A time when you realized that maybe there is a different way to experience, see, think (or not think), feel and be? We all see the world differently, whether we choose to see it consciously or unconsciously. For me, I realized that the way I saw the world was just that: the way I saw it. My version of reality. A playground. An experiment. We learn, create, destroy, learn again, create, destroy again. Ok have we learnt the lesson by now? Nope. Ok, repeat. There’s no end, and there’s no beginning – but a constant experiment of growth and becoming more aware through beauty and chaos. This realization was the beginning of my journey towards a more conscious version of me. I committed to becoming more aware, more open and less ‘right’. Damn that need to be right. I determined to stop thinking that I knew so much, to stop assuming and to stop finding comfort and safety in the familiar. And no, I didn’t have any plans to become some kind of soft-speaking, all-knowing, sandal-wearing mystical, magical, enlightened guru living in a cave and writing sacred texts on parchment, but rather, just a simple and hopeful desire to become a more conscious, aware and humble person.