My Journey Towards A More Conscious Version Of Me

Have you ever questioned everything you’ve ever thought to believed and known?

A time when you realised that maybe there is a different way to experience, to see, to think, to feel and, to be? You see, we all see the world differently, whether we choose to see it consciously or unconsciously. For me, I realised that the way I saw the world was just that: ‘the way I saw it’.
I see the world as multiple realities of opportunities. Both failure and successes. I see it both as a playground to chase dreams. And, an experiment to take risks at possible failure(s). We learn, create, fail, learn again, create, fail again. Recycling through these significant moments of personal turmoil and growth until the lesson of life is taught. There really is no end, and no beginning – but a constant fluctuation of growth through beauty and chaos (thanks Jordan Pederson).

This is the beginning of my journey towards a more conscious version of me. I am committed to becoming more aware, more open and less ‘right’ towards, what I think to be, more than obvious (I blame the Aries in me for the need to be always right.) I’m going to stop competing for who’s right, to stop assuming conclusions, and to stop finding comfort and safety in the familiar. But rather, experience more, and to become more aware of all the feelings that come along the path of chaos and beauty. 

Now with all this being said, I really dont have any plans to become some kind of soft-speaking, all-knowing, sandal-wearing mystical, magical, enlightened guru living in a cave and writing sacred texts on parchment, but rather, just a simple and hopeful desire to become a more conscious, aware and humble person.

Katharina Bleinis
Katharina Bleinis

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