“Power Yoga prepares you to endure, overcome, and succeed any challenge
or hurdle that comes your way, 
whether it is on or off your mat.”



Sept 23 - Iris Festival: Strength, Spirit, and Inner Power 
Oct 1 - Master Workshop: Arm Balances + Inversions
Nov 23-27th - Strength, Spirit, and Inner Power Retreat in Bali

♦ Strength, Spirit, and Inner Power Retreat in Bali ♦

Nov 23 – 27, 2018, Ubud, Bali
Get lost among the emerald green rice paddies and enrich yourself in an exotic, earthy 5 day experience in Ubud, Bali. A retreat that empowers you to find your inner strength within your practice by developing powerful qualities to cultivate wellness, healing, and strength. This retreat is open to all yogis and yoginis at any level of practice that are looking to strengthen their practice by finding our inner power between mind and body.

This retreat you’ll immerse yourself in two classes per day, two strengthening workshops, optional day activities (sunrise volcano trek, mala workshop, herbal healing jamu workshop), along with cultural gatherings such as a cacao ceremony and kirtan.

What to expect during your days?
After setting your intention for the day through meditation, your morning will start with a challenging 90-minute practice to energize your day. This gives you the opportunity to deepen and develop your practice. Your afternoons will vary between different activities, workshops, and free spare time to explore Ubud in whichever way your heart desires. In the evening expect a more grounding flow or restorative practice to ease you into the unique evening such as gathering together for a cacao ceremony, chanting under the Bali stars, or simply a comfortable nourishing dinner.

We look forward to sharing a week of rejuvenation with you, improving our inner power through strength and flexibility, while exploring the beautiful surroundings of Ubud.

Flight details
23rd Nov / Hong Kong – Denpasar / CX785 / 10:00 ~ 14:55
27th Nov / Denpasar – Hong Kong / CX784 / 16:05 ~ 21:00

(including return flights, 4 nights/5 days accommodation, all yoga classes, all meals, airport transfer to and from hotel)
Single room (1 person): $17,800HKD (early-bird rate) / $19,300HKD per person (full-price)
Double / Twin Room (2 persons): $15,000HKD (early-bird rate) / $16,500 HKD per person (full-price)

Early Bird Price valid until Sept 23rd 2018
Spots are limited.

Master Class in Arm Balances and Inversion // Part 1

Date: 1st October, 2018 (Monday – National Day Public Holiday)
Time: 9:30-11:30am
Venue: The Yoga Room 16/F Studio
Price: $350
A Master Class in Arm Balancing, Inversions, and Transitions with Katharina
A Four Part Series.
This 2-hour master workshop is designed in a four part series to prepare you for skilled advanced arm-balancing transitions. Whether it is by floating into crow from downward facing dog, holding a stable handstand, or even transitioning from crow-to-handstand, in order to succeed in holding any arm balance, it first all begins with awareness to critical areas of the body.
Each practice will begin with a Vinyasa-Core flow to build muscular endurance and stamina of the body. And, with every practice we bring awareness to the core, shoulders (a lot!), hands and wrist to strengthen and increase range of mobility of those critical areas of the body. The last hour of each workshop will focus on a variations of arm-balances that are interrelated to help us improve advance arm-balancing transitions in the future.
Part 1: Finding Your Center Of Balance: exploring our balance through arm balances
Part 2: Upward Flying: exploring our upward abdominal lock (Uddiyana Bandha) in arm balances
Part 3: Floating Into Stability: stabilizing our transitions in-and-out of arm-balances.
Part 4: Uniting It All Together: balance, uddiyana bandha, and stability into seamless transitions and arm-balances.


For private rates and availability, please get in touch with me at katharina@gypsybynatvre.com