readings resources

Here I share with you the readings that have inspired me on my journey.
I hope that you find them as inspiring and thought-provoking as they have been for me.
It is with intention that they serve you in supporting you on your evolution.


The Untethered Soul – Michael Singer

Life On Land – Emily Conrad

Yoga Anatomy – Amy Matthews

Sensing, Feeling and Action – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

When The Body Says No – Gabor Mate

How Life Moves – Caryn Mchose and Kevin Frank

Anatomy Of The Spirit – Caroline Myss


Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing – Jed Mckenna

Emptiness Dancing – Adyashanti

Way Of Liberation – Adyashanti


Non-Dual Kashmir Shaivism – Christopher Wallis

Non-Dual Tibetan Buddhism – Burgs

Hatha Yoga – James Mallinson

Body-Mind Connection – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Consciousness/Transpersonal Psychology – Ken Wiliber

Non-Duality/Soma-somatics – Peter Wilberg