An 11 Day Transformative Breathwork
Known as Ekadashi Pranayama

Monday, February 1st
Friday, February 14th

9PM – 10PM (HKT)
5AM – 6AM (PST)

An 11-Day Transformational Breathwork Of Ekadashi Pranayama

Unveiling is an 11-day transformational breathwork immersion that holds potential to illuminate previously unseen pathways of our subconscious mind.

Ekadashi Pranayama is an 11-day, transformational breathing sadhana (practice) that helps us to explore the subconscious mind. It is a technique designed to bring the roots of the problems up into consciousness for analysis and resolution of subconscious  traumas stored in our cellular memories. This breathing technique uses the slow, harmonious, deep breathing of Mahat Pranayama (the great 3-part breath) that uses all parts of the lungs and it is based on a practical usage of Yantra (the science of numbers, name and form) as it uses the power of numbers to progress the breathwork daily.

The Technique

The total practice is an 11 day sadhana that involves breathing in and out for 6 counts in a combination of 3,5, and 7 cycles with a held in count of 9 after each of the cycles. This constitutes one round in total. This is done for 11 days with one round added per day so that we do one round on the first day and 11 rounds on the 11th day. Each of the numbers used in the practice is vital for the success and has its own contribution towards the overall effect


This is a self-scheduled breathwork journey as it will be integrated daily according to your personal schedule. (Also as many of you will be participating in different time zones). The breathing technique will be given and practiced during the introduction call, and all resources will be available online on the immersion platform.

There will be daily live calls held through zoom where we will explore and delve deeper into the subconscious mind, exploring the array of “illusions”, we may so call say, that bind us to our existing beliefs, identities, and narratives. The daily zoom calls are held with intention to hold space to create conversation, community, ask questions, receive answers, and to be curious of each others collective experience.

All recordings will be available online for those unable to make the LIVE calls

February 1 – 14th, 2021
9pm – 10pm (HKT)

Who Is This For?

Those curious about exploring deeper into their subconscious minds

Those who are looking to unlock their potential by letting go go all past issues which keep them from moving forward to an improved life

Those that are willing to see what subconscious trauma are held in the body

Those looking to get clear, reset, let go, and bring into light whatever is weighing heavy

Price Of Immersion


Payment to be directed through PayPal or direct bank transfer

* If you are paying through bank transfer please kindly include 5% PayPal fee on top of the price